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Coffee For Movie Lovers | Vampire Blend | Colombia & Nicaragua

Coffee For Movie Lovers | Vampire Blend | Colombia & Nicaragua

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Vampire coffee blend - Freshly roasted Colombian and Nicaraguan coffee for movie lovers

"For when you feel a bit drained!"

Our passion is not only film posters, but also a coffee roasting!

Our coffee labels are basically mini movie posters which you can collect! The amazing artwork is done by Ukrainian artist Alla Kondrat.

If you had a bit of a rough night and feel a bit drained, this freshly roasted specialty coffee might be exactly what you need!
We roasted it in a special way that will allow you to enjoy it no matter what brewing method you use at home.

Delicious Specialty Coffee Beans freshly roasted on demand
From small 50g sample to 100g or 225g bags (please select the option)
100% Arabica from small farms in Colombia and Nicaragua

Origin: Colombia (Monte Bonito), Nicaragua (Ojo de Agua)
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1400 - 1700 m.s.l.
Flavour profile: Blood orange, strawberry, dark chocolate. Medium roast

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