THE TANK BRIGADE (Tankova brigada) Czech WWII. movie DVD with subtitles - Czech Film Poster Gallery

THE TANK BRIGADE (Tankova brigada) | Czech DVD | WWII.

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Tankova Brigada / The Tank Brigade (War Drama) Czech DVD

The war film maps the fate of the tank crew on the hardest part of the First Czechoslovak Independent Brigade. We follow the destiny of her commander - the sergeant Juraj Klimek. At the time of the bloody struggles for the Dukel Pass, his love does not escape, and he appears to be a shy and sensitive man behind the mask of the sovereign. There were three thousand members of the Czechoslovak People's Army in the war scenes

Product Detail
Year of Production 1955
Length : 93 min.
Format DVD-9 Pal Systems
Audio : DD 2.0 Czech,Subtitles Czech,English
Video : 4:3 Full Screen

Region Code : All
DVD Cardboard packages
Director : Ivo Toman
Actors : Otomar Krejča, Bedřích Prokoš, Martin Růžek, Julius Pantík,J ana Dítětová, Ota Sklenčka, Jiří Sovák,