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Condition Grade


What kind of condition will my poster be in?

Most of our posters are unique, hard-to find used vintage posters, some of them around 70 years old. It is very important for us that you to know what condition the poster is so we pay extra attention to poster description.

However, if you are not sure about the poster condition or simply want to know more about it, just contact us and we will do our best to provide you with more information or additional pictures of the poster via our Contact page

Please note, that we are very harsh condition graders and usually give the poster lower grade just to make sure you are satisfied with your poster.



Near mint: (Other sellers usually rate those posters as “MINT”). Never used and almost like new poster. No holes, no tears, no signs of wear, perfectly preserved. These posters may only have imperfections occurred during the printing process. Printing registration should be perfect.

Fine: Superb. Generally unused, never folded poster with fresh, saturated colours. Has no tears, holes, no paper loss, no pinholes. May have very slight folds in corners caused by storage.

Very good: A poster with bright colours, clean, with general signs of use. May have very minor tears at folds with minor paper loss, may have fine pin holes or fingerprints. May be folded. These posters are still very presentable and look great if framed and mounted.

Good: An average poster with overall fresh colour. May have tears, minor paper loss, minor hazing. Paper may be brittle due to age, may have minor stains. May have a small amount of writing in a unobtrusive place.  May have medium or major restoration.

Fair: A poster with faded colours and brittle paper, showing significant signs of use. May have tears and paper loss. May have tape, writing, stains in image area. In need of restoration or had one.

Poor: A poster that is worn, torn and/or damaged. May have staining, cracking, dry rot and/or large tears. May be heavily soiled, may have pieces missing. In need of major restoration.


Please note that we are very harsh condition graders and usually grade the poster lower. Your satisfaction with the poster is more important that fast profit! Please contact us with specific condition questions.