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THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD | 1951 Original 1sh One Sheet Poster | Classic Sci-Fi Monster Horror

THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD | 1951 Original 1sh One Sheet Poster | Classic Sci-Fi Monster Horror

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An Original vintage cinema RKO poster for classic monster horror science fiction sci-fi The Thing from Another World (1951).

This movie had a very unusual poster campaign, where the letters of the title were made to look like body parts ("blood and guts"!), with wires coming off of the letters. Almost all the posters had this basic design. The pressbook calls all of them "teaser" posters and says "This display material was designed for an advance teaser campaign, as well as for general use". So obviously, they intentionally wanted to have the posters not reveal much about the movie, as a way to get people interested and get them into the theater.

Starring: Kenneth Tobey, Robert Cornthwaite, Margaret Sheridan, Dewey Martin, Paul Fees, John Dierkes, Eduard Franz, James Arness (in the title role as The Thing From Another World!), William Self, and Billy Curtis.

Size approx: 27x41inch | 104x69cm | 1sh | One Sheet
Origin of the movie: USA
Author: Unknown
Folds: Fully folded by the cinema
Pinholes: Yes
Condition: Good

The poster was folded in half several extra times, resulting in six extra partial vertical folds. There is also surface paper loss, tiny tears, and separation on parts of some folds, and someone put tape on the back of part of the top horizontal fold and the top quarter of the vertical fold. There are staple holes and some small tears around the edges, and someone put some tape on the back of those. There are stains on the back of the top left one-eighth of the poster (the part that was on the outside when it was fully folded). In spite of all of the above defects, the poster surprisingly displays pretty well just as it is and certainly, it can be backed, after which it will look fantastic and likely require only very small amounts of paint restoration within the image. But as mentioned, it can be framed right away and it will look amazing as it is!

It will be sent folded, tracked & insured.

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