About Us

Who is Czech Poster Gallery?

I have been collecting movie posters since 80's. As a kid, I would go to see the movie in my local cinema and than sneak out before the end and run to the lobby to ask the lady to give me the poster for the movie I have just seen. They have been hanging in the lobby pinned inside the display box, but sometimes the ticket lady would have a stock of them on her chair so she could sit higher. Little did she know that those posters would cost a fortune in the future. Lot of the posters have vanished, most of them ended up it trash after the Velvet revolution in 1989. And so did the original poster art. In 90's, uniformed american cinema poster design took over.

Our mission

Czech Poster Gallery is a private collection of Czech movie posters. We are trying to save the most beautiful posters we can get. They are not always in the best shape after being stocked somewhere in the attic for decades and need to be cleaned and restored. This is a pretty costly process, so we are putting the posters up for sale to rise funds for restoration and digitalisation of those treasures for future generations.

Why should I get the poster from Czechoslovakia?

Czech poster art represents an important, unique contribution to the world of film graphic designs. Artists were creating very different concepts for foreign movies. Some of the posters might appear as misleading to the movie script to the western fans. It is because artists were often not allowed to see the movie from ideological and political reasons. Usually artists were graduates of prestige design schools in Prague and were using their own imagination rather than just a scene from the film as we know it from Western posters. Many Czech posters became very famous and precious, some of them unreachable. Together with Polish film posters, they are a testimony of artists creating in hard times of Communism, behind the Iron curtain.

They are also a great investment and store of value. The price of the film posters rise each year and they are a great opportunity for investment. Your currency get devaluated each year. Don't sit on your cash and invest in art instead!

Originals vs. reprints

Our main collection are 100% original movie posters from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yougoslavia, USA (and more) from the year of the movie release in those countries.

There is a very small amount of contemporary posters created by our friends or other artists and they are clearly described as contemporary or vintage-like. 

We sell these posters to rise funds for costly restoration of damaged posters.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our gallery. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, we are here to help! For more useful info about shipping, condition grade, posters sizes etc., go to our FAQ page.

Lukas, Czech Poster Gallery