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STOLEN AIRSHIP (Ukradena vducholod) DVD

STOLEN AIRSHIP (Ukradena vducholod) DVD

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Ukradená vzducholoď 1967 - English subtitled dvd

Original Czech dvd release is new and sealed.
Extras: Yes
Spoken language: Czech
Subtitles: English, Czech
Region: Free, All region, PAL
Cover: Digipack

This film from 1966 marked Zeman's charming return to the world of Jules Verne and the age of steam. It was also his first wide-screen film.

In it, Zeman was inspired by Art Nouveau and newspaper collages and used the experience he had gained from previously filming The Fabulous World of Jules Verne. Based on the novel, it tells of the two-year vacation adventures of five boys. The story begins at the Prague Jubilee Exhibition in 1891. Five boys meet in Prague at the Prague Exhibition Grounds, where they see a fantastic miracle - dirigible airship owned by the businessman (and trickster) Findejs. To back up his advertising, Findejs offers the boys a trip around Prague free of charge, but when paying guests appear, he tries to throw them out. He fails to evict them and the boys suddenly find themselves alone in the airship over the city. It proves to be anything but dirigible, and they cannot control where it goes! First, they skim safely across Europe, but then they crash on an unknown island in the middle of the ocean. Here they enjoy a number of typical Verne adventures until they are rescued by an expedition organized by the sympathetic journalist Ardan.

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