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The Fantastic Planet | La Planète Sauvage | Japanese Chirashi

The Fantastic Planet | La Planète Sauvage | Japanese Chirashi

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Supercool Japanese cinema chirashi movie poster for Czechoslovak-French cult Sci-fi animation

DATE: 1975
SIZE APPROX: B5 | 7.25" x 10"
MOVIE ORIGIN: France, Czechoslovakia
ORIGINAL TITLE: La Planète sauvage, Divoka planeta
DIRECTOR: René Laloux
GENRE/SPECIAL INTEREST: Animation, Fantasy, Sci-fi
CONDITION: Used promotional vintage material in excellent, MINT condition without any imperfections!

‘Chirashi’ is the Japanese word for a flyer or handbill, found in japanese cinemas to promote movies.

The name is derived from the verb ‘chirasu’ – to scatter, distribute, disperse.
In most cases, chirashi represents creative re-invention of original poster design.
They are printed in a very limited number, so some of them are very hard to find, especially the ones for Czech movies.
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