Three Best Movie posters for JAWS come from Czechoslovakia

Everybody knows the iconic Jaws poster by Roger Kastel. It is a brilliant artwork and it is one of the most popular movie posters among collectors. It has been adopted by most distribution companies around the world with only very slight changes. Only Czechoslovakia  boasts three insane (and bloody rare) movie posters for Jaws!




The first JAWS poster was created by Olga Fischerova for the first release of the movie in Czechoslovakian distribution in 1977. Her artwork is a brilliant play with dots in blue color representing Atlantic ocean. White color is picturing rather harmlessly looking shark. It is the red bloody dots in the shape of the USA the fish leaves behind that hint that something terrifying is about to happen near American coast!




The second JAWS poster was designed by Zdenek Ziegler for the re-release of Jaws in 1988. The artwork goes right to the point. By looking at it you instantly know there will be a monstrous shark and buckets of blood. Ziegler chopped the shark multiple times just like the jaws of the beast can slay tiny human bodies. This creates an effect that will make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable. 




The third JAWS poster, also created by Zdenek Ziegler was released in small size (unlike the two posters above which were released in large and medium sizes). Ziegler keeps the chopped sharks in the game, but he adds a head of Chrissie Watkins  having her last swim. She is surrounded by Ziegler's evil shark and her horrific expression is framed with quite explicit blood stains. This is probably the best movie poster for Spielberg's JAWS we have ever seen! Czech Poster Gallery is very proud to have all three posters under its roof! See all of them below or in our shop. Which one is your favorite?


1977 Jaws poster by Olga Fischerova

1987 Jaws poster by olkga Fischerova


1987 Jaws poster by Zdenek Ziegler 


1987 Jaws mini poster by Zdenek Ziegler

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